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Stay in the White Mountains: book at our unique, budget-friendly & social hostel.

"Creating a (cost-effective) outdoors community in Conway, N.H."

Check out this feature in the New England Ski Journal by Josh Laskin

Wait: what even is a hostel?

Hostels are a traveler's best friend. Historically,  hostels catered to backpackers and solo travelers, especially in Europe. Now, they are common all over the world. Hostels are often small, budget-friendly operations with local flare. 

Hostels often offer bunk beds in shared rooms for lower prices. Our hostel offers both shared & private accommodations, with shared amenities and common spaces. In this way,  folks are encouraged to do what at many establishments is unthinkable: talk to each other!

The experience of sharing cultural cuisine, trail info, and stories around the fire makes your stay at CoHo unique, your vacation memorable. 

All hostels are different; but at CoHo: Conway Hostel, you can expect a clean, comfortable stay that is also an active player in your overall adventure. 

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Shared or Private Room

Snag a bunk in a shared room with other guests, or a private hideaway all to yourself.

Camp Sites

Use our indoor amenities and sleep under the stars!