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Stay in the White Mountains: book at our unique, budget-friendly & social hostel.

Coming to Flash Foxy's Fall Fest?


Fall Fest is a three-day event geared towards women and gender-queer climbers. 

Want to advance your skills at clinics and workshops? Meet likeminded climbers as you scale the whites? Book your stay with CoHo at 20% off with code Flash20.

(and don't miss out on a second of this weekend)

But wait: what even is a hostel?

Hostels are a traveler's best friend. Historically, hostels catered to backpackers and solo travelers, especially in Europe. Now, they are common all over the world. Hostels are often small, budget-friendly operations with local flare. 

Hostels often offer bunk beds in shared rooms for lower prices, and shared amenities (our hostel offers a combination of private and shared accommodations). Folks are encouraged to get to know each other. The result of cooking together, hanging out, and sitting around the fire swapping stories is often an unforgettable experience.

All hostels are different; but at CoHo: Conway Hostel, you can expect a clean, comfortable stay that is also an active player in your overall adventure. 

Check out our "About" section for Frequently Asked Questions.

Shared or Private Room

Snag a bunk in a shared room with other guests, or a private hideaway all to yourself.

Camp Sites

Use our indoor amenities and sleep under the stars!